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To the Popular Heart Shaped Window, Shoju-in Temple【Nationality】Chinese

  • The Cute Temple Popular Among Young People, Shoju-in Temple

    Just a bit away from Kyoto City, in Ujitawara, there is a temple named Shoju-in Temple that I will introduce to you. The heart shaped "boar's eye view window", and decorations on the ceiling is popular on social media! Taking a picture here and uploading it is currently a boom among Japanese girls. Upon visiting myself, I was very impressed by the cuteness!

The Colorful Ceiling Decorations

On the ceiling of the guest house, there are many drawings. There are Japanese flowers from all four seasons, and the four gods are in each of the four corners, the blue dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird, and black tortoise. They were all very vivid, and looked very good on camera.

The Heart Shaped Window

The catchy heart shaped "boar's eye view window", is actually the traditional Japanese pattern for the boar's eye, and is said to have a charm against evil spirits. Through the window, with the changing seasons, one can see many things, the cherry blossoms in the Spring, the sober green in the summer, the fall colors, and snow in the winter. Seen through this window, the beautiful scenery appears even more spectacular. On the ticket for entering, there is pictures of the window in its four seasons, showing how Shoju-in temple is different in all four seasons, and on the back, there is a drawing of a maiko. This ticket can be a nice keep sake to remember the trip.

Enjoying the Beautiful Wind Charms

When I visited, it just happened to be the time of the wind charm festival. There was wind charm after wind charm, each with a summer design. When the wind blew, a beautiful sound resounded. The wind charms with artificial flowers in the center, look like bubbles with flowers inside.

The Main Shrine Where You Can Sense the History

Not just the guest house, but the Main Temple, is also very attractive. You are able to drink tea while gazing at the lovely garden. In the Main Temple, there are unique wind charms from all over the country displayed. Anyone can pray at the Main Temple, and there is a unique set up where you are connected to the Buda with a thread. (A lecture is provided on spot.)

Being Refreshed with a Transcription Experience

At Shoju-in Temple, if you make a reservation in advance, you can experience making a string of beads. This time I experienced transcription. Before transcription, in order to cleans my hands, a scent is painted on, then I begin the transcription. When doing transcription, I become impotent, and begin to have a clear mind.

Tea Township, Eating Matcha Sweats at Kitaniyama's Place

At Ujitawara, a place famous for tea, I ate shaved ice topped with plenty of matcha syrup. Matcha flavor spread through my mouth, and the bitter flavor and sweet flavor was well balanced. The cream, azuki beans, etc. on top made for a satisfying dish. This not only looked cute, but it was also delicious. (Plus the prices were lower then they would have been in Kyoto city) With so many matcha sweets options, you will definitely have something to talk about.

After returning home and uploading my photos for my friends to see, I was asked by many, "Where did you go?" "Where can I see this?" I want to find many more lovely locations in Kyoto, that I have not discovered yet.

Ujitawara-cho tourism pamphlet